Monday, February 27, 2006

The Sickie Ickies

So, my 2 year old is sick today. Not with anything too bad, I don't think. She has a fever around 102 and has been very sleepy all day. If I ask her if anything hurts, she says no. So, for now, we are just letting her rest.

This morning when we started to realize she wasn't herself, I asked her if she wanted to snuggle with me - she quietly said "yes". There her and I were just laying on the couch together. She was half asleep, snorting from her runny nose, but it was the sweetest thing. She just wanted to lay with me while she felt so yucky. I asked her if she wanted to lay in her bed, and she didn't. She just wanted me. I know in 10 years, this will be just a memory and when she's sick or even sad, she won't want to snuggle with me, so I just laid there for 15 minutes and enjoyed our quiet peaceful snuggle time. Eventually I realized even though I loved laying with her, quietly, I couldn't do this all day, I convinced her to lay in her bed... she still looked just as sweet.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Games, tickets and prizes - the HORROR!

We went to
Chuck E Cheese's tonight. As a parent of a 5 year old and a 2 year old, you'd think that my kids would love this place. You'd think that announcing to the children "we're going to have pizza an play games" would be something they'd be jumping up and down. Not my son. He was nearly in tears at the thought of his terrible parents dragging him to this horrible place. Here's the deal though... in November we were at Disney World and grandma spent lots of time with our 5 year old in the "Arcade". Grandma even hit the jackpot once and got hundreds of tickets. My 5 year old was hooked. He was addicted... to tickets. So, my husband and I thought, he'll love Chuck E Cheese's.
He's been there 2 other times (ok, maybe 3). Once when he was 2 for a "birthday party", again just after turning 5 for another party and then another time or 2 at random times. My 5 year old HATES birthday parties. Why, I don't know. Add the loudness of this joint with the "nightmare" of a birthday party and I guess that's why he thought he wouldn't like it. Oh yeah, he hates large humanoid robots (buy loves his roboraptor, go figure) so the memory of the "show" wasn't not enticing at all.
So, tonight we drag him to his nightmare. We aren't trying to torture him, but sometimes we just have to force him to do things he will really end up liking. So tonight we lured h
im with the promise of token. He went in thinking he'd get 100 for himself. We explained, no way, we have to share. Turns out we bought the deal with 50 tokens and the kids won 20 more for themselves. We had 70 tokens. We ordered the pizza, waited for it until I offered to take the kids to check out the games. 2 games into the whole ordeal and he was hooked.
After eating we indulged both of them with tokens and tickets and rides on
Clifford. They had a blast. There was only one minor glitch when the 2 year old thought she could play games on her own, which unfortunately she can't, and it caused some minor tears.
Anyway, the evening was a success. They walked away with 315 tickets which bought them some princess stickers, a bug, a shark slinky, a rubber lizard and 2 tattoos. Oh yeah, and the 2 year old ran up and gave Chuck E a hug! :) All in all, it was a nice little family event and the 5 year old was already asking when we could return. See, we aren't terrible parents at all.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

My Tuesday

Let's start a REAL blog post by telling you about my day. Today was Tuesday and we are in the middle of getting serious about potty training my daughter. She's 2 and a half and she loves Cinderella. Her incentive to use the potty is Cinderella. Today, while she was at preschool I went to Target to purchase Princess undies to give her an extra incentive. It seems to be working. She was "dry" all afternoon. Yeah! we have been buying diapers or pull ups for 6 long years (oldest child, my son, will be 6 in April, and he wasn't trained until after our daughter was born) so I am SOOOO ready for her to be done.
My afternoon was quiet until my son came home. I am not sure why, but a 5 year old boy and a 2 year old girl seem to get along like oil and water. For some reason when they are both home, it seems like insanity all the time. The summer shall be interesting. But, knowing that we won't be stuck inside helps. 10" of snow plus wind chills of -30 in February I think is enough to drive anyone crazy, along with 2 kids.
I had the night off from my retail job and what am I doing, starting a blog!! I should be doing other things too.. I teach cake decorating and I really should work on my next project. Maybe I will do that now. Perhaps.

The Beginning

So, I finally decided to start a blog. I have been thinking about doing it for a long time, but just never got around to it. It's about time I figured. Anyway, about me... I live in Wisconsin and I am originally from Florida. I have 2 children and a wonderful husband (hence, the 4). My 5 year old is in kindergarten and my 2 year old is in preschool. We are currently attempting to potty train her, so some of my posts my relate to this. I am also trying to lose weight, again, some of my posts may relate to this.

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