Sunday, March 26, 2006

Spring is springing!

Spring is on it's way - thank goodness! Our 2 kids are getting restless and winter here in Wisconsin lasts a little longer than I want it to. I grew up in Florida and spent 10 years in Georgia and down south, spring is here at this point. I really get spring fever around this time of the year.

Today, it made it up to a whopping 50 degrees! 50 degress in Wisconsin after the sub zero temps is like a breath of fresh air. Today we started back on a fun activity we began last summer called Geocaching. We love getting out and exploring different parts of the area. All you need is a GPS to get started. The kids love it because it's a "treasure hunt" and they get all sorts of gadgets and toys they really don't need, but find to be interesting. On todays hunt our 5 year old discovered the 2 caches we found! He loves looking for it and finding them.

Hopefully we will have more beautiful days ahead.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

2nd Place!

We won 2nd place in the Engadget cake contest! hip hip hooray! We get a prize!

I'll admit that I am not as impressed with the winners cake - but I supposed I was looking at something different than a sloppy cake that is a phone. I personally really liked the "3rd" place alienware cake. very cool! My Kudos to you.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Geeks & Cakes

Originally uploaded by Svengali.

What happens when you mix geeks and cakes? This is what you get. What is it? This is a Birthday cake for . Why? They were holding a contest to give away an Alienware computer and BOY do we need a computer!

What you are looking at is a cake shaped like a Sony AIBO. Sony is not maing him anymore, so that's why we chose him.

So what WAS this contest all about... read here. But basically, you had to bake a cake -- a REAL cake (no photoshop) and the best wins. Simple, huh? Well, no so much. This baby took a long time. He's not perfect, but I think he's darn good. He's in competion with a lot of Apple products and Alienware cakes, so I am hoping his uniqueness shines through.

The kids enjoyed the fruits of our labors and will probably enjoy them for a few days to come. Keep you fingers crossed for us. :)

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

More contagious was that bag "boy"

Last week I posted about my daughter being sick and just snuggling with me. Well, by midweek, she seemed better, but was a full fledged snot producing factory. By Friday, she wasn't doing so well again and finally took her long anticipated trip to the Dr. For some reason, my daughter loves the Dr. My son, on the other hand did NOT like the Dr when he was 2. You would have thought that the Dr's office was a torture chamber by his behavior, but he always survived (even is we, as parents, felt like we did not - oh yeah, don't even get me started on the fact that he wouldn't get on the scale himself so sometimes I had to get on the scale myself with him, then put him down, and weigh me alone to get his weight! Now, that is a torture chamber!). Anyway, she was happy, she got some amoxicillian and seems back to ner normal perky self.Unfortunately, I don't think I survived this unscathed.
I had to work a a demo decorating cakes from 1-4 on Saturday then on to the mall to work at the store from 5-close. My throat hurt, my head hurt... I was MISERABLE! Those must have been the 4 longest hours in my life. I made it through, but still felt awful on Sunday. I am finally doing better and I have my fingers crossed that no one else gets sick.
So all these sickies have me wondering, where did we get sick? Well, almost 2 weeks ago I went grocery shopping at Copps in Middleton. While paying for my groceries with my daughter in her cart, the bag "boy" (35 40 year old man) asks me to move my daughter away from him (she was sitting in the kids seat in the cart, so I had to pull the cart back towards me). The 1st thing on my mind was that he wasn't allowed to be around children (child molester?) or something. When I gave him this "WTH?!" look, he explains that he doesn't want her to get what he has.
Ok, what does he have that can be passed from him to her within a 3 ft radius, but won't get us sick by putting his hands all over our groceries?! This really creeped me out. I don't think someone who is potentially that ill should be handling groceries. This also helped me to understand the City of Madison's push to institute a mandatory sick leave policy. I understand this man needs a job and may not be able to afford a day off work, but did he get my daughter sick for 5 days? Did I get sick from her who got sick from him? I will never know for sure, but it can't help but make me think.

I think if Madison passes the sick leave policy, I will happily do my grocery shopping in Madison. No more sickie ickies from bag men again for us, thank you.

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